There are countless ways a business can connect with its own audience on Facebook. One of this ways is represented by the Facebook Groups, an option which is often overlooked. By creating a a special group for the clients, new business opportunities may emerge. Recently, Facebook introduced an option by which a Facebook Page can be linked to a group. Customers can be invited and added to this group, a group where discussions around the products and services of the brand can be started. This can improve the relation between customers and brand. Here are a few ways in which Facebook Groups can help a business:

1. Customer Service

A business can turn the Facebook group into a place where it can answer customers to all the questions they they might have about the products or services offered by the brand. Thus, it can become a customer service group, a place where customers can ask questions without feeling embarrased. The brand must ensure that it answers all questions, within 24 hours, in a personal manner.

2. Feedback

The group can also represent a good opportunity for a brand to receive feedback from its own customers. It is a good opportunity to understand what customers think about the business and what the brand needs to change in order to provide better service.

3. Building a Community

This represents the most important reason for creating a group. A Facebook group must be that special place for the clients, in which they feel comfortable asking for opinions and advice on brand services. If they feel good in this group then they will become closer to the brand. Therefore, the group should be moderated and monitored all the time. Spam content needs to be removed and some general rules must be included in the group description, so the group will function properly. Another important thing is that a brand should never promote itself in this group. The group purpose should strictly function for the clients and their discussions.

Millions of people use Facebook groups monthly, posting pictures, images, and generating conversations. Properly used, a Facebook group linked to the business page can bring the clients closer to the brand, making them more open about the products and services provided.