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“How to” organically and truthfully on Instagram!

By Thursday November 11th, 2021 No Comments

Today we’re talking about the internet’s infinite compendium of opinion-generating video content, namely Instagram.

We’ve pulled from our tepid furnace of know-how a few tips to help make your journey through the platform, we hope, easier and more truthful! 😊

Use inventive visuals
Since we’re talking about the platform that relies most heavily on visual content, then it goes without saying that the focus should be on it – from image quality to composition, don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and communicate “outside the box”, conveying your personal touch through images!

At the same time, make clever use of colours and filters so that your posts not only look enviable, but also give the feed a well-rounded look, conveying the emotion behind them. Ideally, you should stick to the colour combinations and visual styles that best suit your way of being.

Generate posts that tell a story!
A general time-honored trick says that people are story! Conscious or not, we are constantly looking around us for stories – from what we read, to how we dress, to what we discuss – story emanates from every pore.

So make sure that every time you share something with your audience, you tell a well-crafted story! Whether we’re just talking about the description of a post or the entire post itself, one thing is undeniable – a well-composed image that conveys emotion and well-chosen words are the sure way to success.

Gather an audience around you that represents you
People sense sincerity and relate much more easily to something they can relate to!

That’s why one of the best tips would be to promote on your profile what you’re most passionate about – in this context, people will calibrate much easier to your message, and naturalness will help you not have difficulties communicating. It will also help you build a genuine community around you that you will really enjoy talking to!

Always stay connected to the latest news on the platform
Keep an eye out for the latest updates and news on the platform! They’ll be your friend in generating catchy content, revitalize your communication effort and keep you in the news for longer! Long live updates!

The rest? A big dose of courage, a continuous process of trial and errors and dedication, they are inescapable if you are trying to build something organic in this digital road, paved with patience and passion!

Cheers to you!

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