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We launch brands to infinite digital dimensions.

We master:

The knowledge of Digital Communication Strategy
Social media strategy, Channels creation, Content & Engagement Strategy

The art of Online reputation Management
Digital Branding, Community Management, 24/7 monitoring Services, Digital Listening

The creativeness of Influential Marketing
Digital Media Relations, Bloggers & Vloggers Campaigns

The skillfulness of Social Advertising
Search engine Adjustment, Earned/Digital Media Planning

The awesomeness of Digital Media Development
Social Media Applications, Mobile Applications, Online Platforms

We Are a Digital Communication Agency with PR Force in our midi-chlorians!

Bakers Digital Communication helps brands build, throughout the business galaxy, digitally driven projects and social media experiences that target to the core of real business development.

We believe that digital channels are the best new ways of cultivating consumer relationships in order to generate loyalty and drive revenue.

Social Media

Through social media channels and user-generated content, we work with brands in order to shape their digital presence in online.

We can tell you, the force is strong with us.

Digital PR

As the media changes, we are here to bring brands beyond the fear of facing the unknown of the online universe.

We bring digital light upon brands.


We recruit the most powerful influential marketers and develop a strong relationship with them.

We target the best players in the digital space.

Digital Media

We focus on creating experiences that peoples will want to consume and share!

We sense great engagement within communities.


We can uncover unmet needs of consumers and unexplored digital business opportunities.

We build the best tools to conquer the digital universe.

Bakers Academy is, by default, an in-house training: the chosen speakers are V+O Communication’s department directors. They are meant to teach them everything they know about PR, Social Media, Copyright, Event Management and New Business.
The workshops are designed to broaden their knowledge about how a typical integrated communication agency works day by day.

Basically, this project came alive out of pure enthusiasm. It started as an objective to create a bond between the students who have no point of reference in the PR, advertising, digital agencies and between the professionals with years of knowledge. At the end of the day, a college graduate who carries an attractive CV full of internships has what it takes to climb the ladder of success.” – Irina Busuioc

Bakers Academy has begun out of a play, wanting to stream online what’s happening in the offline of Bakers Digital Communication world. We are glad that we can combine useful with pleasure, managing to work together as a team and have fun at the same time. Through our workshops, we wanted to share with students the knowledge we have gained in all these years of experience and to offer them the opportunity to work with us in future projects.” – Adriana

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Wednesday July 19th, 2017

How to protect and improve the security level on your Social Media accounts

Lately, on a global scale, a growing number of cyber attacks have affected the activity of several major organizations. Although large amounts of money are being invested in IT security...
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Wednesday July 12th, 2017

A new Snapchat update – Links in Snaps, voice filters, geofilters on-demand and backdrops

Wednesday, July 5th 2017, Snapchat prepared a surprise update. Although app updates happen weekly, and sometimes daily, the new update is not a common one or a maintenance one. It...
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Thursday June 29th, 2017

The Bakers Guide for a succsessful influencing activity. Part II

In the last week’s article (link), we presented some of the best advice suitable for a successful influencing activity.  This time, the Bakers team continues the series. 1. Post constantly,...
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