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How to, cu Theo, pe Linkedin! Best practices pentru profilul personal

By Friday December 10th, 2021 No Comments

Although LinkedIn has lost its position as one of the newest tools for business professionals, just because there’s no “cool factor” doesn’t mean the platform is no longer of interest. In fact, LinkedIn is one of the best places to see and be seen in the business world. Employers and employees are looking for each other, and sales professionals are looking for decision makers.

Linkedin is the central resource for recruiters and job seekers, virtual networking, career opportunities, building your professional web presence and more. It’s especially helpful in today’s pandemic world to keep your career visible in the digital space as opportunities become available in your field. Because of COVID-19, today’s job market is more competitive than ever. To set yourself apart, there are some best practices (we say) for your LinkedIn profile that you should follow:

A complete and up-to-date LinkedIn profile that includes why your target person would want to work with you is a fair start
First, you should think of your LinkedIn profile as a personal marketing tool. To that end, your LinkedIn profile should reflect who you are. Equally important is to appeal to your target audience. For example, if you’re looking for a new job, showcase your unique skills. Also, recruiters will want to instill confidence in the right type of decision maker in relevant industries(I think that sentence should be rephrased). Update your profile regularly as your goals and accomplishments change.

Optimize SEO on your profile with important keyword content
The importance of keywords in any type of internet marketing cannot be overstated. Don’t forget that your profile is visible to search engines, even if your privacy settings are pretty high! In addition recruiters will use keywords to find relevant people on LinkedIn. Therefore, SEO optimizing your profile will help you get found, both on and off LinkedIn 😊!

Customize your profile URL
You wouldn’t use a generic URL for your website, would you? For most of us, one of the best practices on this platform is customizing your profile URL. This feature allows recruiters to remember where you can be found online. Plus, posting that personalized URL on resumes or business cards invites recruiters or other prospects to see what you have to offer!

It’s a must have visual!
Who remembers the text-heavy websites of the 90s? Well, they were great places to get information but also not to hang out. Nowadays, most websites have significant visual content, even if it’s just an attractive cover and an image of the article. LinkedIn best practices mirror this modern reality. To that end, you should include an eye-catching and professional cover photo and profile photo.

Use between 1 and 3 hashtags in your posts
Hashtags were only introduced to LinkedIn in 2018. Before that, most of us thought of hashtags as a way to categorize our thoughts on Twitter or Instagram. However, on LinkedIn, as elsewhere, hashtags have become a way to make your content more discoverable.

That said, hashtags on LinkedIn are your best friend if used correctly. Now that hashtags have caught on here, a lot of professionals are using them to search for relevant content. Unlike SEO functions, however, hashtags are more specific to network searches than SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). For this reason, experts recommend using between 1 and 3 relevant hashtags.

Good luck writing! 😊