Last time, we taught you how to act as a professional community manager (link). You learned that you should reply in the shortest time possible, that you should drive your conversations to a private message, that you shouldn’t stress out and that you should pay attention to your way of adressing the dissatisfied users. Carry on learning some new tips right down below!
5. Don’t ever delete the negative comments

If you choose to send them to the land of nothingness, you will surelly infuriate the users who wrote them in the first place.

In addition to this, there is a high chance that you’re only going to drive them even more motivated to post even more acid affirmations.

However, if you find yourself on the edge, you should send a proper warning to the belonger of the affirmation. If he doesn’t cease to stop, only then should you delete them.

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6. Some infos don’t just apply to the community manager


In some cases, the whole process of online communication can’t cover the fact that some more  information simply cannot be obtained. Here is where the brand’s representatives come to the rescue.

If you find yourself unable to please the user, it is highly recommended that you redirect him to someone even more specialised than you. Up to one point, a community manager cannot represent the role of someone higher than the mediator between the brand that he’s working for and the users.

7. Don’t forget the follow-up


A couple of days have passed after an user has voiced his matters and you promptly replied to his messages? If so, don’t forget to return with some questions related to his problem:

„Did we successfully manage to solve it?”
„Are you content with the replies?”
„Can we help you with something else”?

All these questions, through which you express your undisputed concern, you can turn an unhappy user to a devoted one. After all, the attention lays into the details!