The two days of workshop, during which Academia Bakers took place, have come to an end. 10 students participated to a series of meetings about Public Relations, Social Media, Copywriting, New Business and Event Management.

Their teachers were represented by the Managers of these departments.

They offered great feedback about the participants and they were happy to notice their enthusiasm to grow professionally.

This workshop meant 10 hours of active attending and divided into two days of interaction with the seniors of Bakers Digital Communication and V+O Communication.

At the end of the workshop, the participants were given a feedback form. Some of the most notable mentions that we pride ourselves with, would be the following:

“I very much enjoyed the team who planned Academia Bakers. Also, I cannot forget to mention the honesty and the type of insight that we were given; we don’t usually come in contact with such things at school. The environment was pleasant and I had the occasion to learn brand new knowledge”

Andreea-Cristina NeacșuStudent

“Everyone was positive, full of enthusiasm and willing to offer precious insights. I learned a lot of things about this field of work and I was able to better form my opinions about it.”

Bianca AndreiStudent

At the end of the workshops, the participants were offered a meet & greet agency tour, where they had the opportunity to interact with all the members of V+O agency. This tour enabled them to better understand how an advertising agency works, asthe ups and downs could only be learnt from the inside.

The first edition was a great success and we cannot wait to organise the next one!