The influencers are and will always be that kind of people to whom the users will go to whenever they feel the need to read some specialized opinions. After all, testing the Social Media “waters” will require their help, most of the times.

Here are a series of advices which are meant to help you if you ever aspire to the status of a Social Media influencer.

1. Analyse „the market”

You want to write about gadgets, but the competition has been doing the same thing for at least five years and already has a dedicated fan base? You might hit yourself struggling your way into an already specialised influencing area. The answer to this question is”you have to make your research”. Find every influencer who writes about that actual area and write down a couple of questions to which you can proudly answer. After that, try to find out „what can you bring new to the table?”, „how can you express yourself in a different manner?”. In short, how do you differentiate yourself from all the other influencers?

2. Specialise yourself in a niche area and stay there

Surely, it’s much easier to write about what you’re interested in than to knock empty keys for areas you have no call to. You have to admit that you cannot always be all-knowing in politics, and, in the same time, in ocean fishing, or in the subtleties of performance chess. You will be really good when you will deepen the subjects you are attracted to and on which you have specialized.

3. Go ahead with the posting plans!

Do not always count on the idea that you will be that kind of influencer which will be inspired every day, at the same hour. Sometimes there are arid times in the Social Media and sometimes good periods to look into. So, be smart, have a back-up plan for at least three months!

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4. Consume daily traditional media news

Whether you want it or not, the relevance of your posts can be proportionally related to the media agenda. For example, it would not have been recommended to touch points such as „The advantages of Galaxy Note 7”, in that certain period when media had exposed a factory error because of which the phones could explode. Exactly!, that’s why you need to be aware of what’s going on in your field.