Wednesday, July 5th 2017, Snapchat prepared a surprise update. Although app updates happen weekly, and sometimes daily, the new update is not a common one or a maintenance one. It comes with new changes regarding the way the users are going to interact with each other.

Thereby, Snapchat introduces a new feature, Paperclip, trough which a link can be added to a Snap before it will be shared. Besides this, there are two new content customization tools: voice filters and backdrops. Also, on-demand geofilters are now available.

1) Paperclip feature

Before this update, Snapchat had a golden rule: no links on the app, except the paid brand campaigns. With the new update they have broken the rule. Now, any user can attach a link to a Snap, a link that will have an external source.

The feature can be accessed through the Paperclip button. After a user has captured a Snap, it will be sent to the edit menu. The button will appear in that menu illustrated as a paperclip.

With this new tool, users can share to their friends: links to events, articles, Youtube clips, or they can promote their own content.

2) Voice filters

The new option allows the user to change his voice pitch as he likes, after recording a Snap.

First, the user has to record a Snap and then to press the speaker icon, allowing him to make a selection from a wide range of voice filters.

3) Backdrops

The Backdrops feature gives the possibility of adding more backgrounds to the user’s Snap. It is useful when the background of a Snap it’s not that attractive.

How does it work? The user will cut his figure from the Snap with the help of the new scissors tool. After that, after the desired area has been selected, the user can add one of the special backdrops.

4) On-demand geofilters

This month, the company has officially introduced the on-demand geofilters. The feature was released since last year, but now users can create custom, on-demand geofilters directly from the app.

The price of an on-demand geofilters can start from $5.99 and varies depending on the duration and size of the filter, but also on how busy and demanding is the area where it is activated.

Instagram recently copied Snapchat by introducing its own version of Stories, Instagram Stories. Facebook has also introduced a similar feature. The update is released in the context of intense competition with Instagram and Facebook, having the role of attracting new users on the Snapchat app.