In the last week’s article (link), we presented some of the best advice suitable for a successful influencing activity.  This time, the Bakers team continues the series.

1. Post constantly, but don’t spam!

You’re at the beginning of the road and you feel like the audience to whom you address to daily craves after your „voice”? Well, you might consider the fact that you’re kind of bothering. The most Social Media specialized sites propose a posting frequency of about 1 to 4 times a week.

But this doesn’t really mean that you have to go „by the book”: experiment with different posting frequencies for about a couple of weeks and analyze the statistics: every type of audience functions in a specific way.

2. Get out of your online comfort zone

The key word is networking. Webstock, Connect Hub, Digital Marketing Forum are just some of the conferences where „beautiful” people from Social Media meet and form a network of influencers with common prefferences. Also, if your work is well-known, don’t hesitate to accept the oportunities of speaking in public at these kind of events: not only does this activity help you develop both personally and profesionally, but, automatically, you surely secure yourself a small boom for your online popularity.

3. Do not be afraid to express your opinions

What makes you unique and authentic is the style of your writing. If you ever feel the need to auto-censor yourself, then you should better give up the idea of becoming an influencer in the first place. The only difference between a reporter and an influencer is that the latter doesn’t have the obligation to ask for his superiors’ approval in order to publish his work.

As an influencer, you do not have to report back to the editor or the chief-reporter concerning matters such as the chosen subject or the tone of voice: you are you own employee. Take advantage of it!

4. Tell my who you are, so that I know to give you like

If you happen to be a public figure, the process of building an online community which would favor you, might not prove to be such a big headache. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t have to take care of your tone of voice or your posting frequency. Given the fact that the online environment is considered to be public, any „slip” from your Social Media way of posting will be heavily charged. So next time, if you ever feel the need to type something scandalous, think twice before doing it!

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