Last summer, Instagram launched the Stories tool in order to compete with rival Snapchat. Just like in Snapchat, the stories feature allow users to upload photos and videos, that are available for only 24 hours, in which they can show their daily activities. But Instagram didn’t stop here and decided to take the competition to the next level.

Recently, Instagram started a global campaign in USA (Philadelphia), Germany (Cologne) and Italy (Milan), which promotes its Stories feature. The message is a simple one: „Stories Are Everywhere”.

The main idea of the campaign is to present, in contrast, the extraordinary stories and the usual moments in everyday life. With this concept, Instagram tries to suggest that anyone, with the help of the Stories feature, can turn an ordinary moment into a memorable one.

Basically, there is a story everywhere, wherever you look. With the help of imagination, stickers, and brushes, users can create special stories out of nothing.

Thus, in order to illustrate this concept, 26 clips, 270 billboards, and 13 digital panels were produced. Also, several trams and stations were branded in Milan and Philadelphia, and the locations of the billboards were chosen based on the unique architecture of each city.

Photos source:!/work/instagram/stories-are-everywhere