People like to watch videos, and Facebook takes advantage of this insight. Videos help users to connect with each other, generate engagement and build communities. Users are eager to discover new videos but also to see what their friends are watching on the news feed.

Not long ago, Facebook introduced a special section dedicated to videos. But this feature does not allow users to connect directly with those who create the content, it delivers random content based on the likes and interests of each individual. That’s why Facebook wants to introduce a feature that makes it easier for users to watch their favorite shows and discover new ones.

Facebook Watch

The idea behind Watch is to help users find videos and shows that will fit everybody’s demands and at the same time to have the possibility to interact with the creators and other fans. Basically, Facebook is trying to introduce a new version of TV, a reinterpretation of TV adapted to social media needs and requirements.

The Watch feature, if successful, will be a real threat to competitors such as traditional TV media and also Netflix, Youtube, Twitter, who in the same time aspire to the idea of bringing TV to social media.

Facebook Watch will be tested first in the US and then it will be launched internationally. Through this feature, Facebook wants to encourage content creators to generate exclusive content that can be found only on this platform, and hopefully, it will make users come back and watch a particular show whenever a new episode appears.

Watch will have more customization options, so users can discover videos and shows that their friends follow. There will be sections such as ”Most discussed videos”, videos that have generated a lot of interaction in the comment section, ”What makes people laugh”, videos with the most haha reactions and ”What your friends are following”, where users can find videos watched by their friends.

The content on Watch will be diversified. Reality show type videos, live videos or even sketch videos will be available on Watch, the options are unlimited. Each show will have episodes and will follow a specific theme or story. The feature will also include a section called Watchlist, where users can find all the new episodes of the shows they watch.

Here are some examples of shows that will be available on Facebook Watch: Nas Daily, a vlogger who presents his best friends and his daily life, National Geographic’s ”We’re Wired that Way”, a series of mini-documentaries about humanity and Major League Baseball, live broadcasts of baseball professional league matches in the US.

Facebook Watch will be available on desktop, smartphone, laptop and TV apps. However, it remains to be seen how successful this feature will be and whether it will be able to compete with the other big rivals, Youtube and Netflix. The fact is, lately, Facebook tried to monopolize the internet. But now, through the Watch feature, it doesn’t compete only with the online rivals, but also with the traditional TV media.

The video presentation for the Watch feature can be found below.

Introducing Watch

Posted by Facebook on 9 August 2017