In 2017, in order to work in communication, it takes an acute desire to learn new things and to always be curious about everything. Everyone who works in this field of communication needs to know all the trends and changes that are happening right now in our society, especially if you’re working in social media. What today can be called new technology, tomorrow it might be yesterday’s old news, all changing in one short moment. Therefore, it is important as a social media person to always be a step forward, being able to identify the trends in order to efficiently allocate the resources of social media communication process.

1) Virtual reality experiences will be more and more present on social media

Are you curious to know how it would feel like to be on that Bahamas trip you saw in the Facebook ad, making a tour of the island? No problem, virtual reality will solve it. Do you want to see how the product you want to buy would look like in 360? Again, virtual reality gives you this opportunity. Virtual reality is still a new concept for marketing, but more and more brands are beginning to recognize the true value virtual reality can bring into building brand identity. With this new technology, consumers can interact with the brand in a unique way, and companies are beginning to really integrate this new concept in their communication.

2) Ephemeral content will still be important

This type of content refers to the content introduced by Snapchat. Pictures and videos that are disappearing after a certain amount of time. Instagram and then Facebook have introduced a similar feature, Stories, which also gives users the ability to upload disappearing content on the platforms. But why is this type of content important for brand communication? Well, it represents a huge opportunity for the brands to show their fans the human side of the company. It’s a great way to show their audience authentic, unpolished content with backstage interviews, contests, ”how to” videos, or live events. This doesn’t mean that brands have to give up on professional studio photos and videos, but it is a good opportunity to tell the consumers ”look, we are people just like you”.

3) Now, brands rely on instant messaging apps more than ever

Instant messaging apps are considered to be alternatives to SMS messages, but this fact is not entirely true anymore. Today, more than 4 billion people use instant messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and WeChat. That is why more and more brands use these applications to increase their presence in social media and to interact with consumers directly. It is a much faster way to get in touch with a customer and provide him the necessary support. The cost is much lower and the customer service experience also improves. This creates a real-time connection between the brand and the customer.

Therefore, social media is changing constantly. It is an unpredictable environment. So, in this case, communication specialists that work with social media should stay informed about current trends and also be able to identify trends that are about to come.